August 27, 2006

New web host for BAEI Blog

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Please note that this blog has moved to a new location. The new web address is Please click on this link and you should be automatically taken to the new location.


June 19, 2006

Facility Search Update

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A number of prospective locations in San Leandro, Oakland, and Berkeley for the new high school have been identified. A site selection process is being used to analyze each location in order to determine the best place for the new school. The opinions of everyone who is interested in the high school are needed, as the important decision regarding the school site is made. All comments are welcomed.

May 24, 2006

Reasons to support the high school by a current student

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A ninth grader wrote:

"This school is important because there are a significant number of kids with learning disabilities in the Bay Area and they need a school to go to because other schools will not accomodate them. If you are looking for a school where you hope to be understood, than this is probably the best school you'll find . . . . Here I've gained more self-esteem, it has helped me socially and it's been really fun. The teachers made a big difference. It's not like there is a wall between you and the teacher and they don't have the time to talk with you individually. Support the high schoool because it's a salvation for most kids with learning disabilities."

Bay Area Educational Institute, formed to create new Northern California high school for students with learning differences

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Following Holy Names University's decision to close Raskob High School after the 2006-2007 school year, a group of Raskob parents and educators have been diligently working to create an East Bay high school. Key highlights of what has been accomplished are set forth below.

 June 2006

  • retained Mckenna, Aldridge & Long, LLP, as pro-bono attorney for BAEI

    May 2006

      • pledges confirmed
      • first donations received—thanks for the generous support!
      • grant writer joined fundraising committee
      • fundraising continues—we still want your help!
      • several facilites available for lease seen, with on going facilites search

      April 2006

      • student testimonials added to blog
      • tax exempt applications submitted
      • active facilites search continued

      March 2006

      • seed money pledges were received from current parents, parents of alumni, and friends of BAEI.
      • bylaws for BAEI, Inc. were drafted;
      • a pro-forma budget was created;
      • the active facilities search was continued;
      • a web domain address at was obtained;
      • a case statement for the high school was prepared;
      • the board of trustees was appointed;
      • the BAEI, Inc., bylaws were adopted
      • officers were elected;
      • formation of Executive Committee
      • obtained pro bono consultation with strategic planning facilitator regarding implementation plan.

      February 2006

      • eight parent incorporators formed Bay Area Educational Institute, Inc., a California non-profit corporation, whose purpose is to maintain and operate a school as a not-for-profit enterprise;
      • along with a steering committee, seven committees were formed. The steering committee has held weekly open meetings since February 5, 2006;
      • the seven committees include governance, facilities, fundraising, operations, programs, community relations, and finance;
      • a seed money pledge drive was begun;
      • an active facilities search was commenced;
      • obtained pro bono consultation with a strategic planning consultant, with an expertise in non-profit management, regarding organizational change;
      • a commercial real estate agent was retained.

      April 23, 2006

      Finding a Location for the School

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      An active facilities search is being conducted to find an East Bay location for the school. There have been several good leads in Alameda, Berkeley,Oakland , and other East Bay locations, and all leads are being pursued. Through a commercial real estate agent retained by BAEI, an ongoing search for a site is taking place. Anyone who knows about possible facilities for the school is encouraged to contact BAEI by email at

      Donations to start the school

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      The initial seed money campaign resulted in generous pledges by current Raskob families, families of Raskob alumni, and friends of BAEI.

      Without diminishing the generosity of all of the people who have pledged to date, additional start-up help is still needed. If you can help, please contact BAEI.

      All of the support received reflects a very strong endorsement of the programs used at Raskob to teach elementary through high school students with learning differences. The time is still right to offer your support for the new high school.

      March 8, 2006


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      Please click the here for further information about Bay Area Educational Institute, Inc. (BAEI)